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Bullying was never an issue at school, but HERE I am an easy target. John face planted me into the snow, Tamara punched me in the nose with a block of “snow” i.e. ICE and David threw a bloody massive block of ice into my face so it was bright red, stingy AND cold. Somehow my rucksack got open and snow went all into my computer it was a bit slow starting this morning but is doing ok, my iPhone also got snowy and keeps telling me that “this accessory doesn’t work with this system” but still seems to work just about…well just not the typing pad. I’m sure it’ll be alright once its dried off a bit. It was a lot of fun but it was chilly on the willy.

Polar bear paper back today and I did a hell of alot better than I had thought whoop whoop! AND it’s snowing I can tell today is going to be a good good day.

I’m listening to Radio1 you notice the accents so much more now! In lecture the other day we watched a YouTube video and the narrator was british, it was the strangest thing, and we sounded like toffs.

People say we sound more intelligent with our accents, if only they knew!

I’ve refound stumble.com and sit on it all day. If I did as much work as I stumbled I’d have solved all worlds problems.  Where else could you find “Quantum physics made relatively easy“?

A layer of snowflakes

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Alaska is looking paticularily beautiful today, I woke up to find it snowing and it’s still going now. This is what I imagined Alaska to be like and I am feeling continually happy when I go outside. The trees are frosted white and everything looks like it’s been sprayed with a mahusive can of glitter spray. I really wish you could all see it! Brent and I went for breakfast at a nice little log house type thing called The Cookie Jar and it was there looking out the window when I really felt like I was in Alaska lands.

On my way to a 9:45 class on tuesday I saw the best sunrise also, it was turquoise, orange, pink and red and so so pretty. Sadly I didn’t have my camera on me, but i am definitely carrying it around with me at all times now. It really was the best sunrise I have ever seen. Again it makes me so very happy.

This week has been more chilled and yet I still feel tired, I am struggling with the dark mornings. I woke up yesterday and it was pitch pitch black I told myself it was 5am. I looked at my phone and it was half 9. I was so confused!! It’s not even that I mind the dark, just complete confusion! I also forgot about the hour change so that was a nice wake up this morning!!

We went sledding last night and it was FANTASTIC. I have been sledding back home on a hill, and to be honest this is pretty much all I had invisaged in my head. Then we arrived at a bloody steep and icy road. Jordan assured us that it was so icy hardly anyone would be driving up there. We got on our sleds and boy did we go fast. I did not want to go alone so I paired with Kay first and then T. Kay and I managed a full on 360 turn. With T I managed to get flung off and head first into a rock. MY POOR HEAD. However, T managed to trap her leg on the side and now has a fankle and nice bruise to accompany it. Erica removed her thermals to find she’d ripped off half her leg skin, Kay whacked her knee and couldn’t move for a good 10 minutes, Vicky has no severe injuries but now walks like an old woman. We met 2 or 3 cars, so if we didn’t die flying into trees we would die being run over. Even so I had so so so much fun.

Beer pong was played for the first time in a while, Brent and I sucked BIG time, Vicky and Kay though have become a POWER team and went unbeaten!!! I’m going to start my own secret beer pong club to practice.

I’m unsure of what this week brings but I’m pretty sure it will be yet more work, BUT I don’t care as it’s likely to be coupled with lots of snow!

Meet the British

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I know I talk about the british alot, realising that you guys probably don’t know who they are. Well there are five of us here, but one is mature and we don’t see her. So meet the fandabbytastic crew of Tamara Dale, Victoria Rowlands and Kayleigh Mullen.

Lets start with Tamara, the 3rd year human geographer. I have never met anyone so perfect in my life. She always has her work done, yet always has time to play. Never a thing out of place, far too nice, always knows the right thing to say, creasingly funny without meaning to be and a fantastic listener and life sorter for the Bethany King. She is becoming a party animal. What can I say, I  bloody love you and our underage nights of fun.

I don’t even know where to start with Victoria, fucking love her. The best quotes of Alaska come from her mouth. We walked passed a car with the number plate simply “god” vicky goes, “with a number plate like that he’s never going to get laid”. Me and Vicky have certainly bonded these past fews days, all I can say is that I am so damned pleased that her visa got sorted, I could not imagine Alaska without my wannabe mexican, tash bearing friend, who runs down hills when no one is looking. Who else would I have to pee in a road in the outhouses with? My tummy needs its sleep to recover from the pain she causes me from laughing too much. Oh and I’ll just show you!

Kayleigh is probably the most british, missing britain and its people the most. We share some super special classes together, a genetics class with a teacher who had bum length hair,who comes in the next day with a shaved head. And an Animal science class where we learn about how to give our cows the best milk yield we can. She loves her tea and marmite and we are on the search for some funky monkey jumpers.

Considering we knew of none of us. I’m pretty sure we will be friends for a LONG time.

When The Beatles Visit Fairbanks Alaska

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I am getting so at breaking my promises to blog everyday. I jsut don’t know where the time goes. Last week was STRESSFULL. I had so much work to do I can’t believe I got it done.  I mentioned the Polar Bears in the last blog, and well not going to lie it didn’t really get started until the sunday. I worked on it everyday inbetween lectures and at 1am the wednesday night before it was due at 9:45am my computer decided to have a little tantrum and have a “computer programme error” crash. Basically telling me I needed to vcontact technical support. I could not remember the last time I had saved it or if I even had at all. I was 8 pages in with only the ocnclusion to go. I tried not to panic and just pressed the on/off button. The screen went blank, Itried to tur n it back on, nope. Again? Nope. AGAIN? NO. So I went for a walk in the snow, planning my begging tears for the next day to my professor. I went back and finally it turned on, took 15 minutes to reboot, thank every bloody god for autosave, it had saved my work just 10 minutes before it crashed leaving me only one paragraph to re-write. I was up until half 5 sorting out the paper before finally giving in to my bed.

Saturday was obviously Halloween so us english girls decided to go as the one and only Beatles. Off we trotted to our favourite of places, Value Village to find sexy white turtle nexts and black blazers. Next stop party palaces for our tashes. Then onto recreating guitars, drums and microphones out of cardboard. We looked AMAZING. Sadly though through lack of iPod connecting cable we didn’t actually get to perform the selection of songs we had practiced, including some of my personal favourites I want to hold your hand, Help! and All you need is love. Next time for sure. It was a good night, but once again I need to watch those shots.  I woke up sunday morning once again with no life possesion. I’d left my bag at the cabin and my phone had gone missing. Went back to cabin. No bag. Oh shit. Nearly crying. Get into car and find it in the boot, it had been there ALLL day. So I hadn’t forgotten it! Just misplaced, ha ha. Found phone in closet, cold and nearly frozen, it’s thawed out a bit and working just dandy now!

Can you tell the difference? Because I definitely can not.

I have also been made to watch two Star Wars now, that’s right TWO. I’ve gone from a complete not star watching to watching tw. They aren’t actually as bad as I expected and actually pretty funny. I’m glad we cleared up that the furry guy wasn’t from star trek.


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I am writing a paper about polar bears, their changing habitat increasing human encounters as they enter human settlements to search for food. Turns out I may have made this topic up up as I am struggling to find any papers. So instead I find myself writing “With snow ice formation occurring later bears wander the shore for longer periods often close to human settlement. They have been observed rummaging in garbage to find food, and stalk children.” Is that blagging or just plain lying? If you fancy writing a quick journal entry for me let me know (about this topic) and I will cite you for good money!

You have got to watch.

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An avid The Office fan (U.K. of course) I found a fantastic “best of Keith” youtube video, check it out:

absolute love for the man.


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I had a really stressful week of 3 exams and numerous reports due. Each one I started the day before it was due, it was stressful! However as soon as thursday arrived I was happy happy as party time could pretty much begin. Friday night everybody went to the pub, so me and Tamara (the babies) created our own super duper fun night and went for a snow walk. We made messages in the snow, jumped in the snow and went to see reindeer. We were gone 3 hours! Tamara pretty much known as Miss Perfect, just as we get back, checks her pockets and realises she’s lost her phone. SHOCKING I know, I was there with all my objects :D. So we had to walk back across campus to where we did our crazy jumping shoot where it was likely to have fallen off. I had just 0.15 mintues on my phone, so couldn’t call. We found no phone having followed our tracks. It was absolutely no where to be seen. I looked at my phone and decided to see if it would call and suprisingly it did1 only tkaing 0.5 away each attepmt so we had 3 to try. I left T and went running in the snow, she is SUPER lucky it landed face up as I could see the glow. I felt so proud of myself finding it! It had somehow buried itself. We treated ourselves to some tasty swedish fish before she walked me to Brents where I enjoyed my 4th Pride and Prejudice episode, I’m sad there are only 2 more to go! Saturday brought “work” time, until Vicky and Dawson arrived in my room enticing me to visit John at the comic store and to go to the native elders function. . .

So we check out the comic store and it’s pretty cool. I buy myself a funky japenese soda where you press down a marble to make it fizz or something crazy! It was tasty, I also treated myself to a pack of cards as I don’t actually own my own pack, well I do now! We then set off to the native elders function only to arrive there and find that they were packing up. We were all gutted as we really wanted to look at the native crafts and watch some singing and dancing. Earlier in the week on wednesday we had gone to a potluck dinner held for the public for a similar function, we had moose soup and alaskan king salmon boy was it good. They were also serving a honesy roasted gammon, I had not tasted such tasty goodness in a LONG time thanks to the tilly. So I packed me away some, sending Vicky up for even more.

So anyway our saturday was a little ruined, instead we bypassed and went to PARTY PALACE the most fantastic dressing up shop ever. We knew we were going to a Tequila party in the evening at a friends cabin so we thought it would be funny to buy moustaches. We then moved on to value village to find us some more funky jumpers, none were as good this week for me to purchase but I have got to admit Vicky found herself a pretty amazing jumper and I had a good find of a hat for her too. She looks like a christmas present!

We headed off to our Tequila party and had SUCH a good night. The moustaches MADE the night. I’ll post up some pics some time tomorrow when I get a chance. Definitely the best cabin party yet, they just keep on getting better!

Today I told myself I would get SO much work done, but after lying in bed till half 1 I wasn’t ready to commence the intense library sesh with the british girls until half 3. Since then I have written just 300 words and it is now 2:16am the next day. Wicked. No fun for bethany now until it is done. I aim for 1000 for tomorrow evening. . .I’m getting up at 8. It’s going to happen, I only have 12-5. IT CAN BE DONE! I’m also going to make a promise to blog everyday. I appologise for my terrible slipping but I honestly am finding it difficult to find spare time in the day. It is CRAZY. I can not believe that November will be here in just a week, it makes me really quite sad.


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TOTALLY forgot to talk about my special weekend purchases. I went to a thrift shop called “Value Village” it’s just a shop full of second hand clothes. I went in to find me some FUNKY jumpers and that is EXACTLY what I did. I got me a nice red knitted jumper with a sexy pattern on, AND THEE best fleece EVER. It is ALASKA in a fleece. Think that mottled grey and beige colours with Bears along the bottom, made in USA on the zipper and Alaska on the front. YES that is my new fleece. All for the bargain price of $15.

Once I’ve washed the jumpers, from possible “person died in the jumper”. I will post photos of me modelling the supreme delights of these jumpers. There was this blue one with stars in the sky, santa and all his reindeers and the tops of the houses at the bottom. I was on it but Tamara told me NO.

Rave Time.

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This weekend has been grand. Friday night bought with it, an Alaskan rave. This was actually pretty good, however just paid my entry and 10 minutes later it is shut down by the police. Pretty gutted I wasted a tenner right there. It was open to any age so of course people were bringing in alcohol. I got some glow sticks out of it so I got over my money loss pretty quickly. We then moved on to a “house party” I was fltting around myself but according to the others it was bloody strange. It was a dissapointing night and we went to bed.

Saturday was a great night, we went to a proper hockey game in Fairbanks, UAF vs. Colarado C. I still get so excited watchign these games. They are really intense as I’ve probably said before, they move SO fast I don’t understand how they do it and follow the puck. You must have to have real good eye stight. We were sat a few rows up from the side and no jokes everytime the puck flew up into the air and hit the side it was aimed at my face. I was just waiting for the puck to go high enough to miss the plastic screen and hit me in the face. I was lucky however this time. I think I  blogged before about the hockey game with all the fights. This one was pretty tame but they made my night with a fight right at the final buzzer. Genuinly MADE MY NIGHT.

After the game we made our way to Bryson’s cabin. It was BLOODY cold. It was actually colder in his house than it was outside. You could see your breath, this is a Beth test of coldness. It had been sunny that morning (-12 still) so I decided to wear a skirt for the sun. I regretted this at Brysons. I had FOUR pairs of socks on and some slippers and I still couldn’t feel my feet. So I managed to persuade Tamara to sit on them to heat them up. She was like a mother hen. It worked I regained feeling and as more people arrived the cabin eventually heated up despite the breaking of his heating system. Vicky and I are genuinly concerned how they pee in below 40, in these cabins they have outhouses and to be honest I prefer to just pee in a bush, yet does it not freeze? Our advice was to just pee quickly however I am really not sure about this. anyway enough about peeing and outhouses. It was a fun night, I was SOBER. I had one little shot and that was me done. It was nice just to sit around a fire chatting to everybody and I felt real alaskan while eating tortillas and salsa nom nom nom. It was also good fun watching Brett (a big lad) curling Vicky with just his right arm. I gave Vicky an arm wrestle and TOTALLY won. YEAH.

Sunday was meant to be my day of work. I tried oh so hard but to be honest it was never happening. I also went ice skating and I still really hate it. I went around the rink twice, I say went round I was pulled around by Jordan and Tamara before I demanded being let off. I know if i’d have stayed something would have been broken. It was AWFUL. I’m now watching a play off brrom ball game and our friends team is losing, it’s getting a bit heated. It’s the trying that counts right!

SO monday brings a SHIT load of work. GAH. I am actually scared. So wish me luck people…oh and Vicky for her first mid term on boiling fish.


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I am such a nerd, I actually find enjoyment in doing genetic crosses and mapping. I actually got a bit sad when i’d finished my assignment that it had all finished!

We’re watching back to the future but it’s not capturing my attention really, I do fancy his rather sexy silver glasses however or the other guys jacket and cap combo OH YEAH!

not much to comment on today, No falling over! Or cutting of fingers! Infact a pretty easy day 😀