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This week I discovered the beauty that is Claude Francois. I should probably say “rediscovered” because I did infact first learn about Claude on a trip to France early in the year, but I am almost embarrassed for allowing myself to forget this talented individual. Thanks to a friend cruising my “Favourites” for party tunes on my YouTube, Claude was refound. Probably because Clause is the only “Favourite” I have bothered to prioritise, thank god!

Trust me and take a look at this playlist because it is nothing but pure entertainment and happiness. His dance moves are spectacular, his hair bounces beautifully and his suits are even more impressive. He has also provided me with a new career aspiration…to become a Claudette. And of course, because it’s French, it’s helping me on the road to my French fluency!

Sadly, the poor guy electrocuted himself on March 11 1978 in his Parisian bathtub. Wikipedia (the source of all the best information) details “While taking a shower, he noticed that a light fixture wasn’t straight on the wall, he tried to straighten it and was accidentally electrocuted”. Sounds fishy to me, I believe what the native French tell me, that he was using a vibrator in the bath tub. Either way I’m gutted that I will never get to see him live.

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