What a palarva!

So I turn my iPhone on for the first time in weeks to receive a text from BA basically saying “just to let you know we have cancelled your flight”. WICKED love to hear this news. So according to expedia I had to get onto my Fairbanks flight otherwise I wouldn’t get a refund. This would mean me being stranded in Seattle eating brussle sprouts by myslef in a hotel. Fantastic. My super duperly wonderful uncle however bought me a flight to Boston where I can spend christmas with him 🙂 and BA were actually super friendly after waiting almost 2 hours in a queue and got me a flight home on boxing day. I’m excited to spend christmas with my Uncle Buck and Jessie.

I was so grumpy, having to say emotional good byes to Brent that morning and then to be told I was’t going home, I was a depressive mess. I had such a fantastic time words can not describe, it all feels very strange to be leaving. It went so fast yet feels like home. I’m still super duper confused.  Landing in Seattle was WEIRD, the sun was shining hard and there was not a spot of white snow, I still have my thermals on and I’ve got to admit I’m feeling pretty toasty! Infact tropical. I flew over sears tower and saw a stadium full of people which was pretty cool!

I had some bloody strange people sat next to me, first woman looked a bit on the crazy side she was sat on the aisle and myself the window, now I was just not in the mood. She would NOT move to let me in, having not slept for about 24hours i looked at her and said “are you joking?” As I said I was pretty grumpy. She gave me a nasty look and pulled her knees in as far as possible whilst i had to squeeze through the cm gap she had left me. WHO DOES THAT!!!! WHO. Anc to Seattle I sat next to a boy playing a crazy arse game on his computer he was getting so into it he was practically dancing in his seat. To be honest I was so tired I just slept and slept and slept! I feel so so much better now, still sad to be leaving all my fantastic Fairbanks friends but happy that I can getnsomewhere to go for christmas!

So I am currently at Seattle waiting for BA to print my ticket and then I’ve got to wait a few hours to check into my Boston flight and then I will be safe and sound in NH with my uncle, and then bring on the christmas spirit!!

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