Ice Cold

Thought I would share with everybody that it is -33C and I left my water bottle in Brent’s car for 1.5 hours to return to almost a litre of water frozen. That is faster than my ice pops freeze in my freezer at home!

The item that the water in was my dear and best friend nalgene. Sadly Nalgy I (R.I.P. Nalgy no. 1 always my favourite, forever) got lost down south, now anything could have happened to it, either I just abandoned it at a public location, dropped it in fear of moose, or accidently disposed of it with out concious decision so I could treat myself to a new Nalgy II with trees on. I did replace Nalgy I with a Nalgy replicar. They are the best things since sliced bread, and it goes absolutely everywhere with me. It does mean I;ve bee drinking about 3 ltr of water aday, and many toilet visits.

Brent’s car is always cold and I think this is a perfect time to share a story of how my boyfriend likes to cause me pain. On the way down south:

Me: “Brent can you please turn the heat on?”

Brent responded in action not words, swizzling it all the way round to the cold side.

Funny? I do not think so. that day too was below 30.

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