I love life.

It has been WEEKS once again. I can not believe I am four days into my advent calendar, i’s December and I’ve been here for almost 4 months and away from England even longer.

Last Thursday was Thanksgiving, we would usually only get the Thursday and Friday off uni, but because we got freezing rain, the roads were crazy slippy and so they shut off uni for the week. It was so good I think we all definitel needed the rest. How weird though! As you english kids were getting snow days we were getting rain days.

I left for Soldotna on the Wednesday to stay with Brent’s family for thanksgiving. I had a such a lovely time I was sad for it to come to an end so quickly. It was so nice to stay in a real house aswell. We stayed at his step brothers, but his mums house was so Alaska. All wood, and snowy with christmas lights outside. We played cards, ate good turkey, drank egg nog and watched good fireworks. I got taught how to play Texas Pokem or whatever it is. The first night I got Brent’s step dad out and I don’t think he was too pleased. Then the second night I won $40 ending with a head-head with his stepdad once again, it was fantastic I had no idea what I was doing, AND he had bought in twice 😀 definitely had some beginners luck ha ha! One night his mum was shouting to us to tell us there was a moose on their porch, in my head I thought like a way a way in the front garden, I ran up to window and the moose’s face was THERE.It had walked onto the wood porch entrance to the house. I have never been so excited in my life, here is a diagram to help picture this moment:

I ran to the front door, and it was right there but its mummy was telling it to get off and I saw them walk away. On the way home we stopped to look at some moose on the side of the road. I have fallen in love with these animals they are so pretty, I ran to get a photo and we were pretty close. I took a couple but ra away as it bega walking towards me, I didn’t fancy being charged and more people die a year from Moose’s than bears so I got back in the car.

We also visited Spencer in Kenai who had all the rest of the international kids to sta, we played beer pong and the brits RULED Tamaralara got six cups in a row! I had a fantastic time meeting Brent’s family and seeing the south.

The weather got down to almost 40 below the following week, and I didn’t really notice it so much, it makes you cough as you breath in, and my hair froze to my face aswell as my eye lashes freezing! I don’t even care it was cold I jsut thought it was really exciting! I walked to upper campus on thursday though and it was the first time I actually thought my legs were going to fall off, they were tingling with cold it was so good to get into a building! My face also felt the brunt of it and felt almost sun burnt but obviosuly cold burnt.

I’m really struggling to remember what to blog about, they happen and I think oh yes one to add to the blog. I went to another hockey game which was fun, I absolutely love the fights this one guys shirt got ripped off. hilarious. the tickets were meant to be $15 but dawson works at the ice rink so we slipped in form the back door, three security kids were there and looked at us as we walked past. (we definitely were meant to have tickets still). a whole 10 minutes later one comes over and goes “errr can we see some tickets?” “oh I work here! look I have a key” “oh er can we er see you er open a door?” HA literally dawson just had to open the door and they let us in. It was oh so funny.

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  • Grandad and Grandma says:

    Beth I just love your drawing is so good you would think it was a PHOTO. You do make make me laugh. Sounds as though you had a great time. So you have a new game to teach us at Christmas.Love you XXXX

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