So the snow is falling HARD, and we are just getting ready to go skiing. We’re going on an army bass and apparently they only like americans, so we are going to try our sweet talking and eye fluttering.

I’m so so excited but SUPER excited, if you don’t hear from me, I’m probably injured.

Wish me luck!!

3 Responses to “Ski TIME”

  • Grandad and Grandma says:

    Is your camera working? we haven’t seen many photos. So pleased you are having a great time. The weather man said we may have snow next week. I hope you have a great trip next week with Brent have a happy thanks giving love you XXXXXXXX

  • Grandad and Grandma says:

    camera is working you have just posted some photos XXXX

  • Dad says:

    Hey Bethany. Have a lovely Thanksgiving with Brent. Enjoy your roadtrip together!! Take care. Lots of Love. xx

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